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Prematch Interview with Kjyll Empty Prematch Interview with Kjyll

Post  Kjyll on Sat Mar 06, 2010 5:26 pm

Here's a short interview. if i have some more time i will perhaps add a little bit. Is there some kind of deadline until when everything has to be final?


Kjyll opens the door of his room and is rahter surprised to see Cherry Goodson in front of it, hand held high ready for knocking. She gathers her thoughts more quickly.

Cherry Goodson: "May i steal you some moments of your time?"

Kjyll: "Why not. I'd happily sacrifice a lot of time for such pleasing company."

Cherry Goodson: "Oh, you! But i'm here to ask you some questions about your upcoming match."

Kjyll: "Go for it then."

Cherry Goodson: "You are all rather new here. What do you know and think of your opponent?"

Kjyll: "Well, i haven't seen him fight and he isn't the chatty type of guy so it will be a surprise. But i'm confident that he won't be an obstacle."

Cherry Goodson: "You seem to be very confident."

Kjyll: "Of course. First: I've beaten everyone ... given the time and i have more than little talent. Why should i fear someone who seems to rely on divine intervention or confusing his opponent."

Cherry Goodson with a smile: "Yeah, i see. No one can beat the big, sturdy man..."

Kjyll also smiling: "Ahh, now you're mocking me! Anyway. The match is going to start soon. I have to get ready."

Cherry Goodson: "So, you really are going to appear from inside the fanblock?"

Kjyll: "Why not? It's certainly entertaining and i just love to dive through the mass of fans. But it is about time. I really looking forward to the next interview. bye then!"

Cherry Goodson more to herself: "Well, good luck then! An that was the big, blonde one..."

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