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Mission Statement and Goals Empty Mission Statement and Goals

Post  Bedazzler on Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:28 pm

Hello everyone!

Our mission in this organization is simple...we are here to have fun! Our main goal other than having fun is putting out quality shows and compelling storylines week in and week out to keep our readers and ourselves interested. My plans are to include entrance videos enclosed by a titantron and several other images to beautify and liven up our shows. But beyond that is where all of you come in. I need you all to provide the role plays which will become the segments for in between the matches. Don't consider this work for your weekly fed paycheck. Consider it a fun way to contribute to a great show that will have every wrestler on server 3 wishing that they could join us.

What I expect from everyone is for all of you to join this message board, post your bio, contribute a segment or work with your opponent on a segment, and be a part of our little community.

What you can expect from me is fairness. Everyone will get their matches along with some extra matches based on your activity. The extra matches and more of your appearances on our main show (bigger paychecks) is my way of thanking you for your contributions to the fed.

My plans are to eventually have a brand split which will happen when I think we have enough active guys to put together two separate but equal shows without alot of cross over. When this happens it will be on one of our pay per views at the end of a season and the first two shows of the next season will be draft shows where everyone wil be assigned to a show. After the split the shows will alternate as main and minor so everyone will have a chance to be on the main show every other week.

So please be active on here, fill out your bio, apply to be a VGM if you wish to help, and above all have fun and enjoy your time here.

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